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to the haters


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General , Rants ,



Dear haters of the camgirl community,

I really dont understand how or why you could hate on the camgirls. We provide hours of semi clean entertainment for the masses. We have never done anything to harm you or to even bother you. I think some of you have the wrong idea about us. and I think that perhaps some of you are talking through your ass. So I’d like to go through some really important points that have come to my attention over the past few months as a camgirl.

1) You think we’re ugly, fat etc. Well, sorry for not meeting up to your standard of beauty, but who the hell are you to say what is beautiful and what isn’t? We were hired for a reason, because someone felt like we were attractive enough to entertain men and women. And honestly, if you don’t think most of the girls in are beautiful, you’re a blind moron. Camwithher has some of the most beautiful women I have ever EVER seen Are you just jealous that you don’t look like one of them? Or that you’ll never be able to date one of them? So do me a favor and keep all of your negative comments to yourself unless you want to get attacked by 100 other people who find us gorgeous and totally worth fighting for.

2) The words slut, whore, bitch etc. No we aren’t sluts. Not whores. Definitely not bitches. Why you ever would use those words to describe a camgirl is beyond me. You know, most of us lead super normal lives and I’m sure if you saw us walking down the street, the words slut and bitch wouldnt ever cross your mind. Just because we like to dance around in our underwear, which is something ALL females so in the privacy of their own room (don’t lie, you know you do it) and show off, doesn’t make us sluts. And maybe the only reason you can say something like that is because you aren’t smart enough to pick a real reason to dislike us so tearing us down with derogatory words is the only thing you can do. Wow, you’re a winner. Grow up.

3) It’s not my job to get you off. I just dance. Don’t tell me to get naked and if I dont, dont call me a cocktease. This is my job and I’ll run it any way I want. No one likes pushy clients. Dont forget who’s in charge here. Yes, we provide a service and yes, as the customer you do have some say in what services you get. But there’s creative input and then there’s being an asshole. and after you harrass us constantly, you have the nerve to demand stuff from us? You’re so lucky we even talked to you in the first place because from the way you act, I know I would never ever deal with you in real life. and neither would any of the other camgirls because they’re better than that.

4) You think we’re all stupid or bimbos. Wow, I think that maybe this is the worse insult of all. I hate it when people assume the only reason we’re camgirls is because we’re too stupid to go to school, graduate and get a real job. And it really bothers me a LOT when people try to tell me that. A good portion of the camgirls are in school, with really tough majors. Like biology, pre-pharmacy, bio-nutrition, computer science etc. and a lot of the camgirls hold other jobs. And why does being a camgirl make you automatically a bimbo? Camgirls are definitely extremely business saavy and powerful. These girls can make more than most people who have their B.S and graduated. You’re telling me that pulling 10K/month is stupid? HA.

So basically, I’m tired of all the bullshit stigmatism being a camgirl gets, You haters need to grow up and stop getting on our cases. We’re making a living and getting on with out lives while you, Mr. hater, just sit there, search for our videos and sites and write hate mail. Maybe you’re the one who needs to go to school and get a job instead of sitting around and bashing a bunch of beautiful women. You’re a loser. You’ll always be a loser. Now do us a favor and just stop commenting. Your immaturity doesn’t impress anyone.


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