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SO much to post about… :)


By Kyra / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I don’t think I have wrote here since before Christmas so I have lots to write about :).  My Christmas was pretty uneventful, I live far far away from my family and having 8 pets its really hard to find someone to watch them on Christmas so I stayed home.  I did get some really cool presents though :)…I have to thank Darrell aka Chipboy, Andrew AKA my son AKA Fez, Mia and Carmen for my presents :).  I still have to take a bunch of pictures and post them. :). 

 My New Years was really fun, I went out with some friends and ended up totally hammered, I don’t drink very often so when I drink alot I am a mess…my friends told me after we left the club I was being rather obnoxious… of course when you drink alot you know you are going to walk up with a hangover and sure enough the next morning I felt like dying.

 So my New years resolution is to become healthier, so I have started working out and I am going to attempt to eat better.  I will have a big problem giving up Taco Bell because I love it so much and eat there way too often.  Good thing I’m a vegetarian so I already eat somewhat healthier then most people I just need to cut out the processed crap and fast food.  I also have decided I will not adopt any more pets this year ( I know you are thinking YEAH RIGHT ) because I have 8 and I do not need to have any more to worry about.

 The next couple of weeks are going to be ALOT of fun… I think Kylie is coming to my house next week and she is a complete DOLL so I am SO excited … I know everyone is so jealous… 🙂 I am pretty sure Tammy will make her way down here when she finds out Kylie is here hehe.  I am sure you already have heard by reading the forums but it looks like I’m headed with Tammy and Olivia to visit Violet and Mia on the 13th :).  I really love all these girls and I have so much fun with them.  I never thought I would meet so many new friends when I joined this site.   I just wish some of the other girls were as close, Jolie and Carmen in particular I just adore those girls.  Anyways I think I’m gonna go check out the Victoria Secret at the mall because I haven’t been to that one yet and they are having their sale… hehe 🙂

Happy New Years to everyone and I hope you have a great 2007 🙂



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