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By Hannah / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I got through all of December without getting sick, and a day before New Years I come down with this stupid cold. How annoying. I’m supposed to go out to this party tonight but I think people will be afraid of me coughing and sneezing so much lol. It just sucks cause I thought I would make it through the holidays without getting sick. I don’t even know how it happened, it came on really suddenly and I don’t know anyone who’s sick?

Maybe I’m just having bad luck recently. Yesterday I was taking pictures with my digital camera and all of a sudden it just decided to break? I didn’t even press anything and the screen went all wonky. I was hoping to take it to the New Years party and take pics 🙁 I posted the last pictures it took before it decided to die on my forum. I just don’t understand what’s exactly like what happened to my TV. I was changing the channel and it was just fine.. untill a few channels later the screen got alllllll messed up. Electronics hate me lol. And the other day my bellyring decided to break in half and fall off!

Stay away from me I might hurt you.. lol Oh wellllll….. I’m about to get on pchats for a little bit then I think I’m going to start getting ready for tonight. Happy New Years everyone!!!!! don’t get TOOOOOOOO trashed lol

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