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the run down


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Xmas in 10 sentences or less.

1- I spent a bunch of money.

2- I got a bunch of gifts.

3- Didn’t drink, which was hard as hell.

4- Despite not drinking, I still managed to get into a car accident.

5- One of my boy’s on house arrest beat one of my girl’s.

6- John stole my money and my gift cards for no reason.

7- Hung out in the hospital E.R with Dr. English shooting the breeze while waiting for x-rays to come back.

8- Freaked the nurses out by banging on my collar bone, trying to prove to them it’s not broken. They didn’t believe me until…

9- …X-rays came back as nothing was broken. Just bumps and contusions.

10-  Said boy on house arrest cannot remember anything that occured that night and refuses to believe he touched said girl.
I felt like giving you the cliff notes version of my holidays. Basically afterwards, I’ve been making calls everywhere and being put on hold. Hold for insurance. Hold for lawyers. Hold for doctors. Hold hold hold. But everything’s straightened out. alls I have to do is go to court and say the oh so famous words “not guilty, yall got to feel me” and hope for the best.

Hope yall have a happy new year. I know I’m excited that 2006 is done.

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