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christmas times at MIA’s


By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Let me give you the run down. Every Christmas at my moms is the same. She wraps every gift in a HUGE priority mail box. Every single gift. Doesnt matter if its a pair of socks, a gift card, or a pillow. It goes in a too big box that you have to cut open with a knife to find what is inside. You can almost predict the presents each year. She buys things that she likes. lol. Dont get me wrong, love my momma…but shes very good at shopping for herself. Everything she buys you probably has a side reason as to why she purchased it for you. Example, this year she was raving about a gift she got me. The best gift in the world. Couldnt have gotten anything better. I didnt even KNOW I needed it! lmao. So I open it and its a wild Leopard luggage set. Thats a pratical gift. I do travel frequently. SO I open it and shes so geeked. So she says, Honey, now I can get my suitcases back from you!! haha, of course, should have known. Nice suitcases of course. But let me tell you, its a 6-7 piece set all Crazy ass leopard print. I could use one at a time, maybe two if I want to push it. They for sure wont get lost. They are like bright yellow, black and brown. Straight up leopard. haha. I was dying inside. ahhh my mom.

I asked her not to get me anything. Because really…I dont need anything. I buy whatever I need for myself. Ive always been that way since I had my first job when I was 16. I went and bought my own groceries, and whatnot. To be honest I stopped asking for real gifts for Christmas around that time too. I started asking for cars, plastic surgery, etc. Haha, I know. I never got those. And I think thats why I gave up. Besides, I dont need all those things. Sure they are nice, when I can remember where I put them. ( my room is messy as hell) . I asked her to give to charity this year. Of course she didnt.

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