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By Hannah / 10 years ago / In: General ,



k I’m alive lol. This past week has been pretty exciting. I’m back from NYC and it was really cool. I spent too much money ;( but I got some cute stuff atleast! hehe. My birthday lunch AND dinner was awesome! The only thing not so awesome about it was that I got a biiiiiig blister from my shoes which ended up being a huge nuisance. This sucker is huge, and would rub against my shoe every step so walking blocks and blocks was not so fun. I ruined some socks with the blood :C oooooooops. lol but my feet are gettin a nice break now. I’ve actually been so tired since we came home I’ve just been laying in bed! I’m not sure how I got so tired, I didn’t feel that tired while we were in NYC. I had NO idea today was even Thursday until like an hour ago hahaha. I didn’t get to do any touristy things like go to the empire state building/statue of liberty/etc but I did go in the huge ass Macy’s. And hooooolllllllllyyyyy god there were so many people in there. Oh we also walked by the giant tree, or should I say scuffled because it was absolutely crammed with people. I can’t stand being in a crowd like that, I’m good at keeping myself calm though.. if I wasn’t I’m sure I would have had a panic attack. I just get so nervous and feel like I can’t escape when I’m squished 🙁
Today I was at the hospital all day, my grandma was having chest pains. I lost my grandpa to a heart attack a few years ago, it was really scary.. he didn’t tell us he was having chest pains until after church and breakfast. When we found out we rushed him out of the house and waiting for my mom to unlock the car he had a heart attack right there and fell straight to the ground. So needless to say we weren’t about to risk it again.. turns out everything is okay with her. 🙂

Nowww I have to cleaaaannn and then I’m going to try to get on Pchats but I’m feeling really sleepy :/ Maybe after I clean I’ll take a nap and get on chats tonight 🙂

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