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By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I have a question to pose…why is it every time I go holiday shopping, or any shopping in general…I buy more for myself than anyone else? I suck at shopping. I dont know what anyone wants, and Im afraid they wont like it! Gahhhh. I want to rip my hair out. I toolk yesterday off from Pchats to go out shopping all, get some stuff done. And guess what, I didnt get shit done! I bought myself some new bikini tops (yes they are out already ) and some shoes, underwear….oh and I got about 1 present for someone.  ha. what a joke. I have no idea what Im going to do for Christmas. I also have to get presents for the kids I nanny for. Wow, its never ending I swear!


Heres another thing, whats up with people being rude..? All the time at the gym, whether im leaving or comming I hold the door open for people. Yea, women and men, I hold the door open. Its just nice. Its a sweet gesture, like “Hi, I noticed you…and I want to hold the door open for you, Its cold outside…come in! ”  IM telling you , I will WAIT for people to come up to the door that are far behind. You know what Im talking about. When people are too far behind you that you dont wait to hold the door open…so you just keep walking. Well Im that person that waits , yo. And guess what, people love it! They think they are the best thing to walk this earth! They feel so special and warm inside. Yes, I can tell all this from the look they give me. That or they are inconsiderate and rude also and just walk by with a “nod”. WTH!? So I take all this time and enegry to do this for people behind me, and FREQUENTLY I find the door being swung into my face. People dont hold the door open for me. Some MEN do, never women.


Just a note to everyone out there, think about someone else for once. 🙂 Regardless of my shopping problems! haha

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