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my weekend, the short version


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



so I spent my weekend traveling between the two new resturants my family just opened. My pseudo dad, the sushi chef, has no car so I had the super awesome job of driving him back and forth among the two resturants and his house. I didn’t mind really but I think I put over 200 miles on my car in a 24 hour period. That kind of blows.

Ive been pretty good at this diet and exercise thing. Ive gotten smaller. Not noticably smaller, which makes me unhappy. but I can tell a slight difference. I figure I just have to keep it up. but the dieting part is killing me. I miss carbs so much. Growing up as an athelete, I was made to eat complex carbs on and off during the day while training and working out. Im so used to it that this high protein, no carbs thing is confusing the hell out of me. I dont know how people feel full on this. I feel unsated. Strange. I really want to eat rice. Im so asian.

I finally finished xmas shopping. I got Mikey a 360. He digs it. but I forgot to buy the harddrive because Im a girl and didnt know it was suppose to have one. He thought it was cute. like “aw. you pulled a girl move. arent you usually down with the guy stuff?” yeah yeah, I messed up. but at least I bought two games for him to play. It wasn’t a complete loss.

I broke someone’s mailbox. not on purpose, but it’s broken. I was drunk (surprise surprise) and I hit it for no reason. I thought mailboxes would be sturdy enough to handle a wild haymaker from a 5 foot 3 inch 115 lb asian girl. But I guess not. I left a note on the door saying “your mailbox is broken. sorry.” I think it’s a federal offense breaking a mailbox. so many I shouldnt have written about it. oops.

For some reason, my friends and I have a knack at picking up homeless girls. Our newest hobos are these two chicks named Farrah and Ashley. They aren’t unattractive, but since they haven’t showered in at least 3 days, I cant help but me disgusted by the sight of them. They aren’t even really homeless. They just refuse to go back to their homes. They’ve turned into cling-ons to my little “brother” Dustin. Dustin is like “…they smell like a men’s gym locker. they have got to go” but they ride his jock like there’s no tomorrow. So now we’re scheming on ways of getting rid of them.

Steelers have a crack at the wild card *hearts* but ONLY if Cinci loses, and we beat the Baltimore and Cinci. If McNair stays injured and can’t play, leaving Kyle Boller as their only option, the steel curtain may have a chance! Kyle Boller is a scared little boy when the black and gold go after him 😉 but looking at Cinci’s schedule….there’s a good chance they WILL lose one of their next two games (they’re playing the Colts tonight and Denver next week) so here’s to hoping for the best for my team.

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