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By Gisele / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Hey everyone!

Iam sooo sorry for not being online too much this month (Dec)…Things have been hectic and I have just been lazy.. Iam going to start being online alot more though starting this week! I am so horrible at getting things done, and waiting till the last minute to do everything.. BUT Iam going to make the effort to get back on track and work! lol

I finally sold my car and got my new one! Its soooo nice!! It is a Black C5 Corvette! I saw Presley last weekend and we went for a drive, it was fun 🙂 Iam also in the process now of trying to buy my first home, so that is going to keep me real busy as well… but its time to stop renting and invest in some good property :)…

My New puppy Duke (he is a corgi) is already starting to get the hang of going potty outside! lol I am sooo happy, becuase Iam such a neat freak, so puppy poo on the carpet doesnt go over well with me at all! lol..but i dont think it really would for anyone! but overall he is a great dog, with a really good personality! I couldnt be happier!

I also wanted to appoligize for those of you who watched my member chat the other night, or the lack of internet service has been horrible lately! I wish i could change services, but i cant becuase I live in an apartment and we are only allowed to go through their company.. The weather hasnt even been bad, just some really bad fog, but thats about it… Anyways, iam sooo sorry that i kept getting kicked off! After about 3 times of signing back on, i thought i would just call it a night! but thank you to those who hung out and watched me get on and kicked off over and over agin! I will try and make it up for all of you! I promise next months chat will be amazing! hehe i will get some shower/tub scenes in…hehe… well iam off to run some errands hehe (any excuse to take the Vette out!) but i will be back later to do some Pchats! Talk to you all soon!

x0x0 Gisele

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