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mommy, it hurts.


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I woke my ass up extra early to get to a final I dont remember taking. PAINFUL. I think it was physics. But all my classes started bleeding into one another so I can’t be too sure. I wont know my grades until Jan, so oh well. It’s down and over with. Instead of spending the day goofing off, Wendy made Mikey and me go to her new resturant.  It’s grand opening is tomorrow night so she wanted to make sure all the cooking was authentic. (background info: Wendy owns a bunch of asian cafes that specialize in thai, japanese and vietnamese cuisine) and since Im pretty damn well versed in vietnamese cuisine, she demanded that I try EVERYTHING. Including all the thai, malaysian and japanese dishes. Her menu is like…at least 300 items. Im not even exaggerating. It was all pretty good but now I have the worse stomach ache known to man. She wouldn’t let me stop eating. It got to the point where I’d eat half a noodle and just nod in approval or grimace in pain or disgust. Her head chef is really on point though, as well as the sushi chefs. But Sam’s working there and he’s the most amazing chef in the world. I think it’s because he’s so lonely here and he focuses all his energy in making some of the most phenomenial sushi dishes I have ever tried. He also started telling everyone I was his daughter. He really wanted to have one and never got one so now he’s clinging on to whatever he can get. I’d say I’m a pretty decent choice. He introduces himself to investors as my dad. I thought it was cute 😀 He even got me a bracelet. I’ll take pics soon, its so cute. It has teddy bears on it. In short, Sam’s the shit and everyone should eat his sushi and only his sushi. The only exception to this rule is to eat Maxx’s sushi but Maxx was taught by Sam sooooooo…

…Anyways, everyone, wish our family good luck tomorrow at our Grand Opening 😉

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