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Am I Done Yet…??


By Gisele / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I swear just when I think that I am done with Christmas shopping…Someone else will pop into my head that I forgot to get a present for! UGHHH!!! This time of year always has a good mixture of really stressful times..and really happy, relaxed times.. But over all I cant wait for Christmas to get here! 🙂 My family cooks some bad ass food, so Iam always down to travel whatever distance to go visit family..hehe cause when I get there it is ALL worth it! lol… Everyone keeps asking me this year what I want, and I honestly have NO idea. Normally I have some things in mind, but this year I really have no clue! I was kinda thinking of asking for some cooking supplies, since I have NONE! Its so weird because as much as I love food..I dont even know how to cook! but recently I have been obsessed with the Food channel and trying to pick up cooking tips and leasons from all the shows…soo….cooking supplies would be nice for Christmas cause I could finally try and give cooking a shot..hehe..Who knows, maybe one day you will see me on TV with my own cooking show…lol I could see it now…”Naughty treats with Gisele”…hehe But overall I never really care to much about presents..I really do enjoy giving them and making my family and friends happy than worrying about what they are getting me..Unless its that 6 million dollar bra from Victoria Secret..hehe jk….

Any who..not much going on with me..I should be getting my new car in about 3 days, so hopefully all will go well and I can get this long process over with.. 🙂 Have a Happy Holiday Everyone! Luv Ya! Thanks for listening.. 🙂


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