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By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Well, the holidays (holi-daze) have officially begun. Ive been spending massive bucks everywhere for presents for everyone. I got jenny a Sworovski crystal necklace.  It’s definitely her style. I got Wendy a princess cut diamond ring lol after everything she’s done for me, I think she deserves something really nice. I got the Jasons flasks and Beerfest on dvd. The flasks are really nice, both are engraved with the words ignorant rangers on them hahaha. I still havent gotten Mikey anything. I just havent found anything that I think is worthy of being given to him. So who knows?

I started a new diet a few days ago. It’s low carb, high protein, low fat kind of thing…which is what I think most diets are nowadays. So basically all Ive been eating is grilled chicken. It’s not bad. Plus I have a personal trainer blah blah blah. It should help me beat the holiday weight gain everyone suffers through. So far it hasnt been bad, but Im really bad at sticking to diets because I just dont have the time to constantly eat healthy. But currently, I feel great 😀 So I might be able to keep this up.

Finals start soon. Part of me is really anxious to get this over with while another part is scared to end my last fall semester of undergrad. It means Im that much closer to having to join the real world and be completely responsible. I dont think Im ready for that. ugh, being a real adult has got to be the scariest thought ever.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday. 😉

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