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Man am I exhausted!!!


By Violet / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I think I got caught a bug somewhere in Hollywood, or most likely on the plane. My allergies were driving me nuts the whole time I was there, and now that I’m home I just feel run down. I don’t know if I’m still adjusting to the time difference, or if I’m really sick. I feel icky though.

I’m sure you’ve all heard enough about the Hollywood trip. party, Myspace headquarters and such. It was a really interesting trip. I had a lot of fun and made great new friends. The girls I spent time with are amazing.
I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to spend time with everyone, but I guess it wasn’t possible. I have a major crush on
5 hot ladies now. Hee hee! Every girl on CWH is hot obviously, but I find that I fall for a great personality just as much as a hot bod and a pretty smile. I love the fact that those girls are just as silly and open minded as I am. I felt like I could be myself around them. I didn’t have to hold back. Also we molested each other every five minutes, so that was awesome too. 😀

Most of us didn’t really get to see much of Hollywood. We were too busy shooting CWH content. I can’t wait to see all of the pics and vids we made. I got a little sneak peak at some shots we took in our bikinis at Santa Monica beach and DAYUM they’re hot. The colors of the sunset made the pics so warm and pretty. It was only about 60 degrees outside or less, and the sand was so cold on our feet! We toughed it out though, and I know it was worth it. We even had the priveledge of catching a quick sea lion sighting. That was really neat. Steve was really easy to work with too. Sometimes photographers make me uneasy, but I felt really comfortable. Also, it’s nice shooting with a bunch of girls around. We act so silly.

I feel so warm and fuzzy right now thinking back on these memories I’ll have forever. It’s cheesy, I know. It makes me smile though. I also get a little teary eyed because I don’t know when I’ll see the girls again. Some of them live so far away. It’s hard for me to click with people sometimes. It was automatic with them. I hope our friendships last beyond our CWH days. It’s so difficult to maintain good friends during adulthood. I hate growing up.

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