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how nerdy…


By Chloe / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I’m at the gyn blogging from my SK3….how nerdy am I? Well actually when I am doing my first 2 warm up miles on the treadmill I wanna do something to keep my mind off of how slow the time is going by. So I just get on my phone. It actually works too!!! This is what I hate aboyut the gym…the cardio. :p

Okey so this is a little odd…I was just in the restroom weighing myself (even tho the scale is about 7ish lbs off) and I saw a shadow “walk” behind me. So I turned cause I am naturally curious…nobody else even close to me….creepy. I ass ran outta there. Ohh the scale might have been fixed cause it sauid I was 124lbs, which is my flex weight. I know my scale at home is right cause I put a 25lb weight on it and it was only .5lbs off. Better then 7lbs off!!! I think it is a conspiracy though, the gym wants to make you feel fat!!!

Well everyone have a super great day!!! Illl try to take pics of me at the gym with my phone, even though it’s a no-no! 😉

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