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By Gisele / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Ok, so I was in a slump the other day…it just seemed llike everything bad was happening…..

after thinking about it though i realized that the problems I was having really are so silly and things could be soo much worse, so Iam trying my best to put on a happy face and have a good attitude and not let petty things get to me.. Iam sooooo,looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow! Iam going to eat with family, and I swear it has to be the best food ever!! I wish my family cooked liked that everyday! I love food soo much, but its so funny because I dont know how to cook a damn thing! lol I sit there for hours watching the Food channel, and I still dont even know how to make anything! I would love though to start …

Iam sure alot of you know by now, that my Birthday is pretty close…Iam so happy that Iam going to California and will be able to celebrate it with all of the amazing cam girls! I hope someday i will be able to have met every single one of you girls!! Thank you Abbie and Steve for allowing me to go on this trip! I am sooo excited!! We are going to have a blast girls!!

Iam going to try and hit the gym..although I probaly wont get around to it..hehe. I want to get an Ipod, I cant believe i havent gotten one yet..seems like everyone has one! My eight year old sister has one! But i think that would help out alot when trying to work out 🙂 Or at least i hope it does! hehe….. Well everyone, iam off to get my day started….I will write back soon 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!!


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