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Ohio in a very large nutshell


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So of course I cant stay in place for too long or else I lose my mind even more than I already have. Baba hong (daddy bear for those who cant speak chinese) decided that we needed to escape to Ohio early to get away from everything here. So we left Tuesday night around midnight. HOLY SHIT. I swear we drove through zombie villages. One of the states I passed through was nothing but a HUGE fucking fog. and at 3 am, that shit is mighty scary. I kept imagining zombies screaming ” mmmmm……BRAIIIIIIIIIIINS” and attacking my car. plus I have an irrational fear of aliens and kept thinking that maybe I’d get abducted. and Mikey kept trying to scare me by telling me he saw aliens and stuff about that creepy movie The Hills Have Eyes. Andddddddddd….while in this scary dense “Im gonna die” fog, we nearly ran out of gas. And at most of the exits, all the gas stations were either closed OR didnt accept credit cards. So I was practically crying until we found a truck stop. We eventually make our way to Columbus.

While there, Mikey and I did some shopping. He got a bengals fitted. as much as I hate the bengals I must admit the fitted looks FRESH TA DEAF. We rolled around for a while, checking out the sites when we finally found my friend’s tattoo shop. It’s call APEX FUSION. It’s hot, the work is amazing. We chilled with Chad and his wife while he put together the template for my tattoo. it’s so hot. So we got drunk and celebrated the advent of tattoo day.

On Thursday we got our tattoos. I was sitting in a chair for like 3 hours while needles were being shot into my back over and over. It feels pretty good, almost a turn on. haha Does that make me dirty? haha Tammy called while they were tattooing me. I wonder if she could hear the tatt gun, it’s pretty loud. After I got the tatt, I chilled out and kicked it with Chad, Tracy and Mikey. I then put Mikey on a bus to go home 🙁 So after that I ran off to the hotel to meet the girls!

Everyone but Femme and Nyli were there. OMG, these girls are so gorgeous in person. Like, if yuo think their perfect online, you’re mind would be blown if you met them. Mine was. and everyone was so sweet. It was like Ive known these girls forever and not like I just met them. As much as I wanted to stay up and talk with all the girls, we had this crazy 6 am gig so we all went to bed.

blah blah blah shopping, boring event blah blah blah.

haha so, we were doing a photoshoot in one of the suites and Steven decides we need to eat and orders pizzas. We completely forget about the pizza guy until he gets there. And what does that lucky bastard see? half a dozen gorgeous half naked girls playing with dongs and dildos while there are cameras everywhere. So of course we have to fuck with him. Kyra throws a double ended dong at Tammy and says “oh good, pizza’s here! sex makes me so hungry!” and we all start giggling. Then I throw in some extra ignorance by saying “…so…we don’t have money…is there any other way we could pay for the pizza?” So Steven immediately puts an end to our fun by paying the dude and shutting the door. We all think he probably thought we walked into a b-rated porno. Who cares…no biggie. But here’s the kicker. About 20 minutes later, the room phone rings and I answer it. It was the pizza guy! He asked us how the pizza was…and of course I have to fuck with him some more. I told him that one of our pizzas was cold and that we’d like a new one for free along with some dessert. He whispers to his managers and gets back to me, saying he couldnt do the pizza but he could do the dessert. So I asked him what the dessert was and he was like “Oh, we got plenty of desserts. We got Kyle…Darnell….me” I couldn’t stop laughing. I told him I was thinking something more like cinnamin or apples. Tammy then said she was choking, probably from laughing at the whole thing. I said that if she can’t fit it in her mouth she should take it off. I then told the pizza guys that we have to get back to filming so I hung up the phone.

😀 hilarious.

and…our trip was great. I really love and miss the girls I met. 🙂 I hope we can do it soon *hearts*

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