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Ohio Rawked!


By nyli / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Hey everyone! I just got back from the CWH Ohio trip. It was a LOT of fun! And it was an alcohol free trip– because we wanted to be totally focused on getting a lot of content done– and we sure did! I’m pooped!

On Thursday Steve, Matty and I did not get to our hotel until 3am and we had to be at the Grego show by 6am! OMFG, I was sooo tired. After the show we all went back to our hotel and crashed for a couple of hours. When we got up we all got food and did lots of photoshoots and videos for the rest of the night.

On Saturday we had some time to ourselves in the early hours of the day. Kyra, Tammy, Matty, Lilly and I went to the mall and shoped. Can you believe it was my first time in a Victoria’s Secret? Yeah, I’ve had a really isolated life until now. Hehe. Thank you ladies for helping me choose some much needed bra and some thongs. It was way over stimulating in there. There was WAYYY too much to see. That night we all shot more content and got rreeeaalllyyy silly. We were in deep discussion of female ejaculations.

Sunday we left. I got your note you left, Tammy and Kyra. You girls are so sweet. I didn’t hear you leave in the morning. I was passed out. Steve, Matty and I drove back to our homes. This ride there did not seem so long. Sorry I farted, Steve. I really am.

Kyra, it was really nice seeing you again. I can’t wait to see our silly/sexy vid of us. Tammy, I think I have an Asian fetish now. hehe. Mia, fuck your hot! Femme, great meeting you. You are so much more beautiful in person. I can’t wait to see our photo set up. I am so happy I met you, Chloe. Your such a cute chick. I can’t wait to see our photo set up too. Violet– wow, your eyes are hypnotic. I am so happy I met you. Presley, I am so happy I met you too. Ur so beautiful. Thanks for the make up tips. Lilly– wow, ur so cute. You are waaayyy cuter in person. I loved watching your photoshoot with Tam. So hawt! I hope I am not missing anyone.

Those from the Grego show, thanks for having us on. Those who came to the Grego show, thanks for cheering us on.

Thanks Steve for taking care of us. Thanks Matty for being such a great body guard. I can’t wait for future trips.


P.S– When I got home, I stopped to buy a Maxim magazine. I am on page 11 from the back. Teehee! Thanks Erin and Abbie for puting me in the mag. Maybe more some day? Hehe

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  • Lovesexyfemales

    Car ride farts are always the funniest because everyone has no where to go.