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caught a charge


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So my boyfriend and I have this thing called wander lust. We cant stay in one place for too long, it drives us crazy. So everynow and then we kidnap friends and force them on this random trips to….anywhere really. It usually don’t result in anything good or bad. But I guess there are always exceptions to the rules…

…So what had happened was…….wander lust hits us and we NEED to escape. So we kidnap our friend Dustin and tell him we’re going to New York. He’s down because he hasn’t been to NY in a long time. So we get him to have a couple of drinks…by a couple, I mean eight or nine beers and a sparks! energy drink within an hour or two. So he starts sleeping. Mikey, being the extreme asshole, decides to not go to NY. In fact, he decides we should head south. And because Im kind of a jerk too, I comply…

…so hours later, Dustin wakes up and…is at the BEACH! he was like…OMG THIS IS NOT NY. WHERE AM I? I KNOW IM DRUNK BUT OMG OMG OMG.

so long story short, we were at the beach for about an hour and the police catch us, search my car, breathalize us all etc etc etc and we caught many a charge. All of it is bull and will be dropped in court. But it’s a lot of charges. I feel all gangsta gangsta. shoulda shanked the officer lol.

Wander lust is starting to hit again, good thing Im going to Ohio 😀 Mikey is going to his boys’ place there so I wont be lonely on the drive. We’re also going to some tattoo party after the whole cwh thing. it’ll be awesome.

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