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Dont cry over spilt milk


By Femme / 10 years ago / In: General ,



It was one of those interesting days.

 I woke up and walked to school. A whole two blocks. Right when I walk in one of the security guards asks me to see my school id. I’m like ummmm, ok, why? He tells me it is because of all the recent incidents (school shootings). Like I look as if I am gonna pull out a gun and unload. Neway. I walk up to the cafeteria area and grab a bagel. When I open the refrigerator to take out a packet of cream cheese a plastic bottle of chocolate milk comes tumbling out and hits the floor. The top busts off and the milk is all over the floor and all over the guys socks and pants that was sitting in the chair near me. I felt sooooooooo BAD. I apologized multiple times. So there I am on my hands and knees with a roll of papertowels cleaning up this entire bottle of choloate milk, almost late for class. Luckily some nice guys came over and helped. I felt like such a dumbass.

So class went as normally as it could have gone. Then when I was walking home from class I decided to take a route I never take home. Wouldn’t you know it was for a reason. This old man who was wearing a badge that said he was a volunteer at the local art museum came up to me asking if I had a cell phone. The poor old man had gotten his car towed, and it was his first day volunteering at the art museum! I felt so bad for the man, he was obviously flustered. So we walked over to the lot where his car had been and called the tow company, his wife, and his daughters, and finally figured out how he was going to get there with the 150.00 cash that they needed for him to get his car back. Geeeze, i cant believe he had to pay so much. With each conversation he had with a family member he kept telling them about this “good samaritan” who “saved his life”. After he got off the phone and we were waiting for a call back he went on to say I reminded him of his daughter Hallie, and started to tell me about how he had been married for 54 years and how he had adopted 2 girls. He got emotional and teary eyed when he started to talk about them! He was sooo cute. It made me feel all sentimental too. I talked on the phone with his daughter for a minute to give her directions and she took down my number and address because they wanted to send me something for helping them. She was soooo nice. She kept telling me thank you and how not many people are nice enough to be out in a hot parking lot helping out an old man for 45 minutes. I love meeting people like that. And the funny thing is, she works in the interior design business, and I could use her help someday! I mean since I work in Advertising, if I am ever working on a project that needs an interior decorator, voila! I have a contact. Isn’t it funny how things work out like that sometimes?

Anyways, strange but very uplifting day.

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