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By Jenn / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Tonight is Halloween and I had to work!  While I was at work…I was walking down the stairs and I wasn’t paying attention and I must’ve overstepped like the last two stairs (thinking I was at the bottom, stepping down to the floor) But I wasn’t, I think there were about two more steps…well anyway I went to step down on what I thought was the effin floor, overstepped the last two stairs and almost fell right the F on my face BUT I landed reallllly hard on my right foot-sending a really sharp shock through my whole leg cuz I landed soo hard on it….and it was fine for like an hour…didn’t feel weird.  Later on I bent down to grab something that fell on the floor and I had to kneel on my knees to grab it and I felt a really weird pain in my knee like something was dislodged in there or something.  I went to stand back up standing on my right leg first and it was hurting sooo bad I almost fell and I had to switch to my left leg to stand up!  I went to look at it and my right knee on the rightmost side of my kneecap has a big huge lump on it and it feels really weird like a pulling where the lump is-whenever I straighten or bend my leg or put pressure on it in general!  I don’t know if i’ll need to go to the doctor or WHAT but this sucks and I can feel and see the lump and so can everyone else…it doesn’t really hurt but it’s a really uncomfortable feeling like my knee is gonna snap where that lump is.  I dunno what’s wrong with it!!!  Just thought i’d share my halloween night lol.
xox-Jenn 🙂

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