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ok time to try again


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I drank again last night.  My friend Jason Wildhide (Sasquatch) decided we needed to celebrate Halloween so we went to the liquor store to buy some party supplies. He ended up picking up a bottle of Reyka vodka – something from Iceland. It was nice and smooth, surprisingly. I usually dont like vodkas unless they’re flavored or infused but this was tolerable.  We also discovered this red lager called The Mad Elf Ale. It’s 11% alcohol by volume…meaning one bottle of this stuff is approximately the same as two bottles of most beers. It was thick and goopy…ugh. But the worse/best part of thing stuff is that it’s made with cherries and honey so it has a really nice smooth flavor so the alcohol content is tolerable. I hate myself for drinking it. Ive never been drunk from one beer, but after one of these, I was buzzing. The vodka on top probably didnt help. I woke up to elves banging hammers inside my head. Great, another hang over. I dont know why I keep punishing myself like this.

I think my new goal is to out drink Tracy. This man ENJOYS 151 shots. that’s just foul. I gotta find a way to top that. I dont know how….30 pack of beer….handle after handle of rum. Case Race, Tracy? You down for it? 😀 how about a power hour? haha. I probably shouldnt fuel our drinking problem.  Tracy’s awesome 😀 haha I wonder if he’ll read this and be like “YES! I AM THE BEST!” and congrats on the Cardinals winning 😛 but sorry the Rams aint winning NFC west. Seahawks still got it, despite the Madden Curse. just sayin 🙂

Steelers versus the raiders. Basically, Lily versus Steve (one of the owners of cwh). haha I cant wait 😀

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