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I am never drinking again.


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



My head is officially a microbrewery at this point in time. I don’t really know what happened after I got off pchats…kidnapped. I think I ended up at Loopie’s house. I vaguely remember taking a couple of shots of patron tequila.  Why there was decent tequila at Loopie’s I’ll never understand. I also vaguely remember going to The Greene Turtle and having my friend barred from there for a month. I think that perhaps I should take this as a sign that I need to put the bottle down for a little and just be sober. Not clean, but sober.

also, I think I ingested a tv dinner. I sicken myself.

MCATs are on Monday….AHHHHHHHHHHH. I dont think I can spell my name at this point in time, much less likely to be able to accomplish this. I am….freaking out. I wish med school didnt rely so heavily on standardized testing. I’m a good kid…good student…involved on campus…full time job…tons of lab experience. Basically, Im a geek, every school’s dream. I just freeze up on these tests. I remember taking my SATs for the first time, hung over and late. I didn’t bring a number 2 penicil, any forms of ID or a calculator. and I got like a 940 the first time. Everyone was like “I KNEW IT. I KNEW YOU WERE A MORON!” but when I retook them I got something WAY better than 940. I dont want to say what the score was, but it was way better. I really hope I do well on the MCATs the first time around because I dont think I really have time to redo them later. I just want to get a 30. I’m pretty sure most school accept you at a 28, but if I get a 30, then it’s all gravy. So here’s to making miracles happen.

Moving into a new apartment soon. To a nice neighborhood. To a neighborhood where our neighbor is not a a handicapped old lady in a wheelchair who fiends for krak. I really want to escape these drug/gang neighbors.  It feels like it’s sucking the life out of me. and it feels like it’s only a matter of time because a junkie goes crazy and stabs me with a heroin needle. I’d be perma nodding for days….weeks possibly. Fucking drugs, get out of my neighborhood =/ I really hate living in a city known for it’s high heroin and cocaine usage.

AHHH. skurred.

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