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By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So I got a new car. Well, it’s a used car but since I havent seen it before, it’s new to me. It happens to be a 2005 Mitsubishi lancer OZ rally edition. Yes, I opted NOT to get the evo 8 because the customs on it alone would have put me on the streets.  Then I dont even want to think about the insurance for an evo.  But the OZ rally is pretty damn nice and still pretty damn quick.  Mikey was like “damn it, I specifically asked them to NOT get you a fast car…and now you have a lancer. Im mad” 🙂 but he really likes it too. It’s pearl white- loving it. I can’t wait until it snows so I can take pics in a white bikini and a parka. I’ll freeze my ass off but it’s worth it just for how the pics look. and I found my digital camera! I know I said I lost it on my birthday, but my friends said it has been in his car, underneath a taco bell bag (gross, how long as that bag been thurr?) So once I find all the attachments that go to my camera, I’ll upload pics of myself for yall to look at 😉

Halloween is coming up. I dont have ANY plans. GIMME SOMETHING TO DO! kthanx *hearts*

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