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By Chloe / 10 years ago / In: General , Rants ,



Well on Monday my phone stopped working, while I was eatting sushi that wasn’t wrapped tightly it dropped into my plate of soy sauce. The soy sauce splashed on my table & phone. Voila. No more cell phone for me. And with this trip and crap I really need a new phone but can’t afford a decent one. The guy at the store tried to sell me a phone for over a $100….and it WASN’T in color!!! What the fuck? They still make those? Fucking bullshit.

And then last night I sent a “friend” to my car to grab my CD book..he fucking took off with my car. He was hella drunk and doesn’t know how to drive…I called the police, waited 2 hours for a cop. Talk to the officer for about a hour…and at the end of that hour found out my car was crashed into a tree and totalled. Fucking wonderful. Soooo here is the timeline – 1:45: Guy sent to car, 1:50am; hmmm he took too long & my car is gone, 1:59am; time my car was found crashed into a tree (quite a way from my house too), 2:01am; I called to file a report, 4:02am; Police officer shows up, 5:06am; I find out my car was totalled.

I slept for 2 hours…and now I am waiting for my real friend to take me to shoot. I have so much stress in my chest and don’t know what the fuck to do now. Yes I called my insurance & I am getting a rental. But I feel so helpless. I work my ass off to have nice things and then *POOF* they are fucking gone 🙁

To make this post a tiny bit happy…look at these hot pictures I took! 😉

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