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HOT SAUCE!!!!!!!!!


By Violet / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I just ate some hot sauce that gave me instantaneous hiccups. It’s crazy. Yummy though. I love the way my lips are burning. Mmmmmm.

Today I went to lunch with my Grandma, Mom, sister, and my sisters friend. I felt goofy the whole time because I didn’t sleep last night. We went to a few stores after, including Pet Smart. I fell in love with two ferrets. A tiny lil baby female, and a HUGE six month old male. He looked like a weasle. 😀 I want a ferret/s so bad. They’re such cool animals.The only problem is, animals are so much more responsibility than most people are willing to put forth. Vet bills alone can be hundreds of dollars a year. That’s if they’re healthy pets. If I get a pet,I want it to have all of the necessary health care. Even all of the love in the world cannot make up for neglect. Neglectful pet owners make me angry.

Last night I did a photo shoot. My outfit was killer, and one of my props was a hoola hoop. That was fun.

I’m going to bed early. XOXOXO

EDIT: Why the hell do my blog posts end up like that?! ^^^^^ I don’t put all of those spaces in. So annoying!

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