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Hey everyone!


By Jenn / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Soooo I haven’t been on the forum much or in pchat much the past little bit.  Sorry about that!  I’ve just been really tired and I’m not sure why!  Everyone in my house is sick, the weather just got alot colder and It is that time of the month so either of those could be the reason why I just feel like I need a nap in the middle of the day and I get tired earlier at night than usual.  Anyway, Gigi & I went to the pumpkin farm today…It was pretty fun, and she’s never been to one before!  They didn’t have stuff like that in cali I guess.  Anyway, we go there, looked around a bit, went to the petting zoo and fed the goats, sheep, and llama…the llama was crazy and everytime I turned around he scared the hell out of me because his face was right there in my face! haha!  He was stalking b/c he wanted the food I think.  After that we went into this dizzy thing….those tunnel spinning things that make you feel all dizzy etc…that was cool 🙂  Then we got caramel apples and left.  Later on tonight or should I say earlier tonight (after the pumpkin farm)  We went with some friends to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The beginning.  It wasn’t bad, I jumped at a couple of the unexpected/loud parts, and there was alot of blood and guts.  Alot of pretty gross ideas in there too.  Ok, well, I’m really tired right now for no reason again soooo I guess i’ll go to bed.  I’ll be on alot tomorrow though, And probably on Pchat too. 🙂

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