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stupid stuff :O


By Hannah / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Hieeeeeeee 🙂 I promised myself I’d go to bed at 2am and here it’s already past 3 >:| wtfz. Here are some suuppperrr exciting things that have happened to me recently..

-I was hanging out infront of my little space heater 🙂 to get all warm and toasty cause it’s FREEZING in here. Well I’m a freeze baby so I get cold easily..anyhow. It starts making this weird grumbling noise..and it’s gradually getting louder. So I’m like WTF? and look over. One of the metal rod things inside was glowing brighter than usual and kept getting brighter as it got louder. I’m like OH SHIT so I go to turn it off and it starts sparking! ahh I almost died. lol not really.. but my heater did 🙁 so now I’m freezing again. poop

-Today I went down to get a glass of juice. Someone got grapefruit juice and I noticed it said it was sweetened with Splenda. I usually hate sugar substitutes but I tried it and it must have mixed really well together somehow cause I didn’t get an aftertaste. Probably because grapefruit juice is so tangy. Okay so I’m sittin on the computer with my juice and on the CWH forums…blahblahblah “here are pics of me I’m super hot” blablabla “we know we all wanna bang you really hard” blablabla and then the text starts to seem blurry. I turn my head to look away from the monitor and feel this huge rush of dizziness. I had to lay down, and I got up to get some water and nearly fell over lmao. I was super dizzy for a good while, and nausious the rest of the day 🙁 turns out a lot of people feel the same side effect from Splenda so I’ve found online. Pffttt I’m stayin faaaaar away from that stuff now.

– GOOD NEWS. My costume for Halloween has shipped!!!!! it should be here in a few days 🙂 I’m soooo excited! Make sure to check my forum in a few days, I’ll probably post a million pics haha.

ONE more thing. Don’t forget my memberchat this month! It’s sort of in the middle of the day for just about everyone except people in Europe. lol. come see me October 16th at 2pm EST 🙂


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