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By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



MIAs back bitches! naw i didnt go anywhere. I just thought I would tell yall about my darth vader incident last night at around 4 am in my kitchen.


So I was about to go to sleep…and I never go to sleep without my protein pudding, so I had to go down stairs to mix it. SO i creep down my stair case and into the dark kitchen to retreive my treat. I turn on the light and take two steps twoards the fridge when I see a small brown spec in front of my face. I look closer only to discover that its a fucking SPIDER!!!!!!!!! holy shit! my brown ass falls to the floor and then scurries backwards trying to escape this terrible situation. Once i regain my sanity I stand up and ponder over what my next move shall be.


Im standing in the kitchen now, watching my prey closely , thinking about possible senarios. Then I notice the 3 foot long bread roll on the counter. PERFECT! I think to myself. I grab it and get a good grip on the bread and give it a couple practice swings. Before you know it, bitch is the next babe ruth! So I line up to bat with the little mother fucking spider and am ready to swing. As soon as I bring the bread back…he crawls back up his line twoards the ceiling! OH HELL NO!!!!!!! you are not escaping me now!  So I wait for it…I wait for it , and he comes cascading back down his line in perfect angle with my bat or bread.


Then I blindside his ass and take him out like darth vader!!!!!!! fuck yea !



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