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the zoo


By jade / 10 years ago / In: General ,



i went to the zoo today, the lady that worked there was a bitch, first we go in to ask if they have drinks anywhere and she tells us NO with a very bad attitude, we walk over by the girraffs to find two vending machines errrr, then our car battery died because one of the lights in the car got left on, so im like babe go ask the lady if someone inside could give us a jump really quick, so he comes out and hes like she said all the workers there are busy and there not going to leave there jobs to come do that, what a bitch, doesnt even ask anyone i hate people like that haha, anyway so we asked this nice couple that pulled up next to us because we live like 2hrs from the zoo didnt wanna call friends to come all that dang way for a jump, so they helped out out thankgod! so far well the weekend isnt over yet dunno whats on the agenda for tomarrow yet 😛

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