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The show


By Violet / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I already wrote about this quite a bit in the forums, (with all the crazy pics) but there’s so much more to tell!

The whole weekend was so amazing, I don’t know where to begin. When I first got there on Friday around 4pm, it was before the theatre opened for the show. The girls and I spent some time back stage arranging our costumes and chatting about our acts.
The stage mangers were nice, but were kinda being weird. They told us we weren’t supposed to be back stage until 10pm.
Which was a ridiculous idea because our first act was scheduled to go on at 10:45. Apparently they thought we were gonna party hard back there. Anyway, it was taken care of and we were able to stay. Their lighting and electricity was screwy back stage though. So I had to do my make up in the dark practically. I didn’t feel very attractive. It’s difficult enough doing stage make up in good lighting, let alone in the dark.

Then we found out our drinks weren’t paid for. At the last show, they were taken care of. So I was kinda bummed about that. Not that I wanted to get drunk and perform, but it’s nice to have a drink and relax before having to go on stage. Also, I left my money at home because I didn’t want to leave my purse back stage with
a bunch of strangers. Luckily, my friend Kristen had wine. It was red, which generally makes me sleepy. I think I was too nervous to be sleepy. I know I sound like a chronic complainer, but I think my nerves were really getting to me that night.

So overall Friday night kinda sucked. The crowd wasn’t as large as expected, but not bad.
Our performence was good, but not as good as we could’ve been. A few minor mistakes.
Saturday however, was amazing!

I arrived with my make up and hair done, and I felt great! I brought a super sexy slinky outfit, (all of the performers dress super sexy for this show) to walk around the gallery in while other acts were on. I must admit, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist sometimes. 🙂 There was so many people with cameras around me snapping my picture. I was so surprised it didn’t make me nervous.

The art! There was so many amazing pieces. I love paintings, and I’m very envious of anyone who can paint well. So I was in love with so many images by the end of the night.

The vibes back stage were so much less tense. I think getting the first night over with calmed everyone down. We were much more prepared, and we knew what to expect. So we went on at 10:45 pm again, and the crowds reaction was amazing! It was a much bigger crowd too. So many people, and so diverse. All ages and ethnicities.
Our last act was the one that involved us girls wrestling in a kiddie pool of shaving cream. It was the most fun I’ve had in a loooong time. Boy am I ever beat up though. The stage and kiddie pool were really hard. I have bruises on my hips, thighs, knees, calves, and elbows. They seem to be healing fast though.

When that act was over, we decided to go to the bathroom to clean up. So we all walked through the crowd in panties and pasties to the bathroom together. The crowd parted like the red sea except for the few brave perves who wanted to steal a swipe of shaving cream off of our bodies. Ha ha! Any guy that hit on us on the way through, we jumped on and covered in shaving cream. It was so funny. They loved it. Hee hee.
We didn’t get much cleaned off of us, but the stage managers were quick to help wipe us down. I’m a smart ass, so I sarcastically told the guy, “Wipe my ass!” but quickly said “just kidding” after because I didn’t want to sound bitchy.
His reply was, “Please don’t joke, I don’t get paid much.” 😛 I think he loved his low paying job at that point. Heck, I would too.

Gosh, this is getting really long. I’ll skip to the end of the night. My friend and I decided to cage dance. The cages floor was about eight feet off the ground. . . I think. So we got boosted up and danced up there for about an hour. That was a blast. We had our own audience then. We pulled up another burlesque performer, and then I pulled up a random girl from the crowd. She was so cute, and a little shy at first. She quickly warmed up and started dancing with us. I made out with her too, which is really odd behavior for me. I like kissing girls, but not girls I don’t know. I don’t like strange germs.

The time passed so quickly. When I got down, most of the crowd was gone. The night was over, and the place was about to close.
So that was my weekend. Lotsa fun.

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