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By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



ugh, Im so tired. Ive been running around the past month or so, between classes and work. Ive been so busy with it! Contrary to popular belief, I do need sleep! I’m starting to see the effects me this unhealthy lifestyle. My skin looks BLAH, I feel sluggish for not working out enough and I think Im gaining weight. in short, IM FREAKIN OUT MAAAAN haha. So I decided that from now on I’ve gotta keep track of what I eat. I havent done this in years. In fact the last I did it, it was mandated by health advisers because I was dangerously underweight and apparently only ingesting like 400 calories a day MAX. That’s pretty sick, Jeeves. So Time to keep a fitness journal and probably a blog as well. That way you guys can watch me not die at a young age from something health related rather than something “Lily is crazy and will do anything” related. 😀 Im just worried I’ll go overboard again and HELLO EATING DISORDER, IT’S LILY, REMEMBER ME? yeah, it’s pretty terrible. Dont want that to happen.

So the biggest problem I have is finding time to work out and eat correctly.  There are days when I eat like 700 calories (Mostly Mon, Tues and Wednes) because of my schedule. The rest of the week I think I eat way more than 2000 Calories because Im working at a resturant. UGH. Nastayyyy. So I think after my classes and before work today, I’m gonna go to the gym and run for 30 minutes and possibly do some lifting. OMG my bench is probably supr terrible now. like I probably will die benching the bar…which is, 45 lbs? ohhhh lordy.

Im working moving into a new apartment with Mikey soon 😀 We hope to live with our best friend, Jason, the Bill Cowher lookalike, as well as our friend, Dustin. The place we’re looking at is REALLY nice and is in our price range 🙂 We’re just waiting for Jason and Dustin to get their stuff together so we can set everything in motion. Im so excited. Ive been living on my own since…practically forever and Ive always had some kind of issue with my room-mates. But I think this will be perfect. Im just worried that everything will get messy but Dustin’s really clean and tidy so I’m happy 😀 and they dont care if I cam or anything. In fact, I think they’re really happy about it and want to meet the camgirls 😉 I know I would.

Today’s Agenda

Classes all morning

pilates class






BLAH. stupid work. ^_^ kk love ya lots buhbye

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