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That Murphy is a smart man.


By Lacie / 10 years ago / In: General ,



WTF. I mean seriously, WHAT THAT FUCK.

I just typed a kind of lengethy entry here, which – when your life is as interesting as mine – is really an accomplishment. So. I was finished, was about to press the ‘Publish’ key… and BOOM my computer restarts. Now, Murphy’s law says that everything that can go wrong will go wrong, but he also says that it will happen at the worst time. That’s certainly true.

But, he also says things like that will induce a series of other things that will go wrong too.. so after my computer restarted, I open all my programs again, my Media Player crashes, refuses to close itself, so I have to restart AGAIN. Smart girl I am I don’t open it again, and just start the cam program. Which displayes a blank picture, and then copies the Media Player and crashes. So I RESTART AGAIN, unplug the cam usb cord, knocking a pile of CDs off my computer. Pfew.

It’s working now, but after this little story you can surely understand what I meant when I said my life is not exactly exciting.

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