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in response to “why a whoooooore”


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



As several of you may know, Im dating Mikey.  He’s been one of my closest friends and probably the best boyfriend Ive ever had.  You may also know that his exgirlfriend, Rosalind, has decided that she cannot deal with the fact and he and she are no longer together and still remains delusional, believing that he is STILL her boyfriend.  No matter how many times he tells her, I tell her and our friends, she refuses to accept the fact that Mikey just doesn’t want to be with her.  He’ll always love her and take care of her but he’s not willing to put himself back into all that torture for someone he doesn’t feel he can trust.

In response to this, Rosalind decided to write a blog saying she doesn’t understand why people cheat with whores. She also said that she hopes that he suffocates me with a plastic bag and a bunch of other complete BS. So far, I have not over-reacted to this. This occurred months ago. I felt that I was too mature to play her little games. But then she started fucking with my life by coming to Mikey’s house, ripping up my lab notebooks, throwing out my clothes, leaving threats on my phone, text messages and blogs and calling my parents. Enough is enough. I really cannot contain my anger anymore.

Rosalind, you dont seem to get it, so Im going to clearly write this out for you once and for all. I’m not a whore. Im DATING Mikey. He’s my boyfriend and my best friend and you really cannot change that no matter how hard you try. If Mikey isn’t willing to forgive you for all everything you’d done to him, calling him everyday nonstop and telling everyone you’re still together isn’t going to help the situation.  If I wanted to fuck him just because Im a whore, like you believe I am, I could have done that years ago WHILE he was still with you. But I didn’t. Because that’s not the kind of person I am. You can look at my job and label me whatever you want. Im not ashamed to be on camwithher. There’s nothing wrong with what I do. So you can call Mikey’s mom and dad and tell them whatever you want, that Im a whore, that I get naked…etc.  Because, honestly, they like me. a lot. They won’t listen to you.

I don’t understand why you feel the need to attack me. Are you jealous? Insecure? Do you wish to be me? Well? Your immature attitude just further proves to EVERYONE that Mikey is justifed in not being with you.  You haven’t done ANYTHING for him when he’s given you the world and helped you to the best of his abilities. It’s not his fault that he’s fucking burnt out from you and can no longer be responsible for you.  Basically, grow up.I’m tired of your bs. Leave me alone. It’s bad enough you decided to make me your business, you decide you have to drag all of our friends and my family into this, too.  How is that suppose to prove you love Mikey? By ruining my professional and private life? yeah. right.

Maybe you should stop being selfish and think about the other people’s lives you’re interfering with. Mikey’s. Jasons’. La’s. Maddie’s. Dustin’s. Im glad your friends don’t mean anything to you and you like pressuring them to lie to you to make yourself feel better. None of them even want to talk to you because all you do is talk about wanting to do me bodily harm. And quite frankly, they all seem to like me much more than you. I don’t stress them out. I don’t annoy them. I don’t nag them.

Just remember, you’re luck to even still be in Mikey’s life, as well as all of our friends. So dont get it twisted and start thinking everyone’s against you. Don’t make yourself the victim. I’m not a terrible person, but if you want to make it look like I am, you’re doing a great job. It’s just too bad no one believes you.

To everyone on camwithher, sorry about the venting. I’m just SO annoyed lol.


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