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Ome Omy


By Femme / 10 years ago / In: General ,



As it turns out some great oppurtunities have opened up for me. I DO get to see my grandfather (if you read the blog he only has a few months to live, he has cancer). My father bought a plane ticket for me yesterday. I go the second week of October to Tennesse. I’ll be staying at the retreat center where my grandfather and my father has a cabin. It’s like glorified camping, it’s sooo pretty. I am really excited I get to see him because this is a time sensitive issue. I would always kick myself in the ass if I didn’t get to see him one last time. I haven’t seen him in 6 or so years anyways. My grandfather travel the world a lot and has recently been living in Japan. He teachs Spanish all over the world. In fact, funny story. My grandfather is married to a Japanese woman. She doesn’t know English, and he doesn’t know Japanese. However, they both know Spanish. So they communicate to eachother through their secondary language. Haha.

Luckily, when I am in Tennesse, some of my other family will be visiting there as well. My grandmother might come, my Aunt and her kids, my two Uncles, and maybe another relative or two. These are all people I haven’t seen in 4 or more years… this is an amazing string of occurences that has lead us to all come together at once. I feel like it’s going to be a life changing week for me. Something is going to give, and I am going to learn a lot about life and love and happiness.

On another note, my cat is CRAZY. That is all. 


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