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By Carmen / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So, I know I’m totally slack when it comes to posting blogs. I never realized how many people actually read these things.. but, I’m going to try to get on the ball with the posts. I finally took it upon myself to go out last night, and I’m really glad that I did. Generally, I’m a total hermit and I have to force myself to go out.. but, I always end up having the greatest time. I went to this male strip club out here which I’d have to say was more comical to me than anything. I have to admit though, there was this one stripper in particular that I was low-key kinda digging ;] After the strippers got done doing their thing I was kinda dissapointed, for the simple fact that I don’t think I saw one male in the vicinity for half an hour. Slowly but surely the dudes showed up.. so, the night wasn’t a total disaster. I don’t drink or smoke.. or dance much for that matter so, the club scene isn’t really my deal.. but, I think my coke was totally laced that night. I was all over the place. I even took it upon myself to dance on stage which was fun and it felt good to let the attention-whore side of me break loose for a minuite. The DJ was all infatuated with me so, I was requesting songs up the ass. Lots and lots of beyonce HAHA.. I’m sure I made a couple of people mad lol. I met some really nice guys there, too… and lots of drunk guys. Overall, I had a good time. Oh yeah, and it was FREE. My type of club lol.

Anywho, I’ve got a member chat coming up on the 17th.. and I’m really trying to get Bianka down here in time for that. I need some good ideas in terms of what you guys want to see. I’ve done the wet T shirt thing, baby oil, lotion… hmm, maybe whipped cream?? I have zero creativity. Maybe me and bianka can dress up and play pony….. again. Okay, TMI.. but, hope to see u guys there and gimme some ideas, people!!! Lots of love xoxo

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