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first day of school


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



First off, I want to let everyone know I havent slept since Monday night. AND I SOMEHOW MADE IT THROUGH THE DAY! HUZZAH! I can’t believe I pulled it off. So let’s recap, shall we?

I pchatted until about 1 am this morning. and I tried going to sleep. my phone rings and there’s a picture of a bear. That means Mikey’s calling me. So of course I answer. He and our friend, Dustin, went out to celebrate Dustin’s birthday. How? By getting trashed. But after consuming a large amount of alcohol, they soon realize they have no way of getting home.  So they call me. D: I was like “…don’t you understand, I have classes at 8 am?” and they were like “PLEASE, LILY, PLEASE!???” Taking Mikey home wouldnt  have been a big deal since he and I live together but Dustin lives almost an hour away. D: more frowny faces. So I said ok. And they said they werent done partying yet. WTF! I was so mad haha. They didnt end up calling me back until 3 am. THREE IN THE MORNING. So I took Dustin home and drove back here. It was like 5 am. And I couldn’t sleep! I went into Nadia’s chat and bugged her a bit 😀 she told me to go to bed. but I didn’t. and then it was 6 am. No point in sleeping then. So I showered and had breakfast and went to school.

The classes I had today werent bad.  Then again, it’s the first day. My first class of the day was elementary physics II.  I really thought I had lost my mind when I entered the classroom because I was convinced that my prof would be an elderly eccentric man with scraggly white hairs.  But nooooo, she was this cute asian woman.  And for some reason she was playing Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in The Wall”. It was soooo…trippy. I thought I had one too many rockstars and was having some kind of hallucination.  But no, it was happening.  She then handed out a syllabus.  Her name is….LILI. I was like “NO F’ING WAY. IT’S LIKE LOOKING INTO A MIRROR OF THE FUTURE” I really thought I had lost my mind at this point. But the class wasnt so bad. And Physics is actually kind of fun. Does that make me a nerd?

The second class I went to was cellular and molecular biology lab lecture.  Ive known the instructor for a while now. He’s cool beans. I really am interested in this nerd stuff so I bet this class’ll be fun. My actually lab time should be Friday afternoons.  I’ll be playing the role of mad scientist from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm every Friday 😀 I love science.  But one thing I’ll never understand is WHY they think it’s safe to let exhausted kids mess with dangerous chemicals.  I bet, on average, students get about 4-6 hours of sleep per night. I remember I almost passed out into some Bromine *TOXIC* once because I didnt sleep enough and therefore wasnt aware that I should keep the fume hood down.  Nothing about letting sleepy kid play with things that go kaboom is healthy. but Im glad they let us 😀

Third class of the day was plant pathology. Holy crap, this class bored the pants off me. Plants don’t interest me really. Maybe because I’m not a plant. and I think I might be jealous that I can’t photosynthesize. I mean, how awesome would it be if I could make my own food IN my body and store it.  But one of the professors for this class owns a huge company that grosses like 200 million dollars a year. Im gonna see if I can weasle my way into this laboratory ;D and earn some biggggggggg buckkkkkkkks kekekekekee.

Last class of the day was introduction to sociology. It’s my cake class. I dont think I’m gonna even buy the book. I’m just going to show up. It seems so easy compared to the rest of my classes. Which obviously means Im going to fail it because I wont study for it at all haha. But it seems pretty interesting.  Ok, I like. Nothing about sociology seems interesting. I just want an easy A.

Tomorrow’s classes include but are not limited to developmental biology and physiological psychology. FUN TIMES!! I’m really excited for my Tues/Thurs schedule.  I bet these classes are supr interesting. and I always do SO well in classes that don’t bore the pants off me. I almost want to take more chemistry because I did so well in it. Im tempted to ask Tammy if I could do her homework for her because Im that nerdy. 😛

anywhoo, I think I should sleep. but I probably wont. 😀

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