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like omg no way!


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I saw Beerfest last night. and then I went to a party and drank a lot of beer. As I sipped on that delightfully cold brew that has, for centuries, made people (appear) more attract and more sociable, it dawned on me that there were probably another handful of kids on my campus that probably were doing the same thing currently. And then, being slightly buzzed and in what I call “the professor Lily” stages of drunkeness where Im extremely talkative (which isnt that far from how I normally am), arguementative and sometimes even INSIGHTFUL, I realized there were probably millions of kids across the country to also saw Beerfest, ran back to the closest college campus and played beer pong until the wee hours of the morning. This movie, I realized, is a uniting factor for alcoholics who are passionate about drinking games, drinking with friends, drinking with enemies and….well, just drinking.
So I opened another beer and drank. I drank for all the people who were drinking tonight, playing quarters, playing asshole, doing beer bongs and playing beer pong, both the 6 and the 9 cup styles. I drank for all the freshman who had their first drink that night at some frat party . I drank for all the seniors who are getting ready to face their last year as irresponsible youths. I drank for all the kids who WERENT drinking and wanted to because they had to do something important, which is beyond me because, lets be serious, what’s more important to a college student? Getting to their retail job on time at 7:00 am to sweep up floors and help out angry customers for a measly $7.25/ hour or playing 8 rounds of beer pong with your best friend trying to win the ultimate beer pong tournament in which there is no cash prize but you will be able to bask in the glory of knowing you’re a true beer fanatic and that several people will admire you for about the next 3 hours until they all pass out from alcohol? Yeah, I think the answer’s simple.

So tonight I want you all to do something for me. I dont care if you have class, work, training etc WHATEVER tomorrow morning. Tonight I want you to crack open one beer. A light beer. an ice beer. A bottled Beer. A handcrafted beer. A canned beer. ANY BEER. Crack it open….and think about everyone who is also lucky enough to enjoy the hops and barley. 😀 Drink slowly, drink quickly, do whatever you want. but enjoy it. Because we all deserve it.

😀 maybe Im drunk and that’s why I wrote this.

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