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Jury Duty!


By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So lets talk about how I was scheduled for Jury Duty this week. I got the wonderful letter in my mailbox a little over a month ago and groaned. ICK! Jury duty?! Im only 20 years old, how is this possible? LoL, so I bullshitted on the questionare a little bit and sent it back it hoping that when I called to find out my service they would decline me. Lone behold. that didnt happen and I had to report bright and early to the court house! 8 FREAKING AM! okay, i normally go to bed at 4ish….so 8 am is not my friend. I finally make it out there and then I had to go through the infamous metal detector. hahah what a joke. All I was wearing was pants and a sweater, and some cute heels. No panties. A bra of course..and I kept going off! So I had to step to the side and let them rough me up a little with their special wand. Still couldnt get it to stop going off so they make me pull my pants and shirt up. lmao. What if I wasnt the kind of person who was okay with their naked body? hahaha either way, they finally let me go…and I headed down to the jurer room.  Can we talk about BORING? Omg I sat in this room that looked like a cafeteria with some vending machines and coffee. First we had to watch a “short” film on jury duty and then we had to wait for them to select people. What I didnt understand was, why so many fucking people were there. Must have been about a 100 fuckers waiting to get their ass outta there.


How bout this, you cant bring any kind of cell phone into the court house…but you can bring a laptop?! They had WIRELESS internet in the fucking room that you could use for free! Along with TV , but no cable. lol it was so ghetto. Someone please tell me why you can bring a laptop and not a cellphone. Because if I was going to bomb something, I think via laptop would be a better method.


So either way , they sat one jury and I wasnt called for that. Waited. Waited. Waited. Watched Regis and Kelly, Martha Stewart and The View. Good times. I dont really watch too much tv, but im not missing out on much so I see. Then around 11:30 they told everyone we could go! The rest of the cases for the day had settled and there was no need for any jurers! Whoooooo hoooooo. Then everyone raced out! lol. So needless to say  my “service” on the jury is complete and I think i lucked out BIG TIME.

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