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The show


By Violet / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So I got to the venue around 6pm with my nerves worked all in a tizzy. The bands were just setting up their equipment, girls were starting to arrive, and I was tired from staying up all night. Not to forget hungry from forgetting to eat. Ha ha! I have such a hard time trying to remember to do all of the simple things that are supposed to be instinctual. Who knows when I’ll get it together enough to succeed in life.

Anyway, there was tons of gorgeous girls there all night. I couldn’t help but to feel a little insecure. I knew most of them, so I was comfortable. They were all pretty nice. If you get a small dressing room full of female performers together claws are bound to come out. They did, but I’ll get to that later. I love the girls in my troupe to pieces. They’re all so sweet, pretty, affectionate and they love to smash their boobies against me when give hugs. 😀 Can’t complain!

Soooo my group did three acts. They went okay, but not as great as we planned. We got an awesome response from the audience, and so many people complimented us. What are the chances that a liquored up audience will react badly to half naked chicks? 😛
Hopefully, us performers were the only ones who noticed our mistakes. It was a good time, but definately an inspiration to practice more. Right now we’re known as the pretty girls who like to get dirty in their routines. Hee hee! What a reputation to live up to. In one of our acts, I got a corset ripped off of me by another girl after we acted out phone sex. The she spun me around to reveal my pastie covered boobies to the audience. It was fun. I guess I won’t dissagree with our dirty rep.

I like being almost nude in front of people. Hell, I’m comfortable being all nude to tell the truth. Except for when some dudes in a band think they’re cool enough to come into the dressing room when I’m trying to change. Bastards!! Ha ha!

Oh! The catty chick. She’s a go-go dancer for the bands. I overheard her discussing our acts to some guy. The guy mentioned that he though we were great. She said,
“I’m used to seeing naked chicks, so I thought it was bad.”
I won’t comment on her dancing, but I will say I thought she was quite rude. My troupe leader and I heard her say this at the same time. We locked eyes and started cracking up. I was pissed, and apparently it showed. She told me at that moment she saw my ghetto Latina side come out. A few more drinks, and the catty chick and I would’ve had some unpleasant words.

So that was my night. I didn’t party much. Had a couple of drinks, and left shortly after our acts were over. I guess I’m boring. I’ll be surprised if anyone reads all of this without yawning.

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