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5 O’clock tragedy


By BaileyCWH / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Well this is sad, and it’s probably not typical blogging material, but I’m emotionally exhausted and I need to vent.

A few months ago I was driving down a main express way near my city.. it had been raining all day. A humid, sticky rain. The roads were in terrible condition as a result of the mixed heat and moisture, and I could feel my wheels fighting a sleek film that had developed over the cement.

Of course I was driving a bit too fast as usual, and I was running late, again as usual so I wasn’t paying attention to much other than my dash where three little green eyes foreshadowed the embarrassment I would soon find myself fighting when I finally reached my destination.

At what point the newly licensed teenager flew up behind me I do not know, nor can I recall about how fast he was going. The officer I was interviewed by estimated speeds reaching between 90, and 100 mph. All I can picture now is the sheriff on the other side of the median in slow motion.. seeing the top of his white head, his glasses, right before the front end of his cruiser was pancaked by the negligence of a boy. When the two cars met it was like being in the middle of a collision scene in an action thriller. I was just coming around a sharp curve, doing about 75. I could feel my tires slipping.. you all know that feeling. Driving too quickly in the rain around a curve. Such a scary feeling. Well this boy took the curve at about 90mph, just barely missing the front end of my car as he passed between my car and the car in front of me. His grand prix went skidding across the express way, down into the median and head on into a sheriff’s car that had one other officer and an inmate in the backseat handcuffed. I assume they were on a routine transport from one facility to another.

I don’t even remember stopping my car, in fact I left the door open and the engine running. The west side of the express way was entirely clogged by the accident. The two smashed cars took up both lanes. I ran down into the ditch and up to the other side, the pontiac was leaking oil, which I thought was blood at the time. So here I am freaking out thinking some kid is severed in half in this smoking car. I didn’t even think to look about 5 feet to my left and see if the sheriff was alright. There were two boys in “my car,” and one of them wasn’t moving. Some other witnesses had stopped and were running up to the cars as well, and I remember this girl looking at me saying “omg! we have to get them out!” Of course neither side doors would open on the pontiac, so we had to pry the driver’s side open. Once we got the driver out we carried him to the grass and laid him there, he was conscious. The other little boy wasn’t moving at all though, and we were afraid to pull him out. If we had left him in there we would have ran the risk of having the car catch on fire with him inside, so we slowly peeled him out as carefully as we possibly could.

The driver was 16, I held his hand for about 30 minutes. All he could spit out was “where’s my brother where’s Alex!” He was in shock, his entire body was shaking I thought he was having a seizure. His stomach looked concave laying there on the grass. I was paranoid to lift his t-shirt and see if something terrible was going on under there. I did, and one entire side of his body was black and blue, and concave. I assume one of his lungs collapsed, at least that’s what my mom said must have happened. His face was white, and he kept stuttering. I’ve never in my entire life felt so overwhelmed with fear, sadness, helplessness. All I knew to do was keep him in a blanket and not to move him very much.. that was it pretty much. I sat there on my knees just staring at him telling him he was ok. After about fifteen minutes with him I looked up at the sheriff’s car. The gawkers seemed to be more concerned about the sheriff than the two boys.

The sheriff’s car was literally vertical from the front end to the midsection of the vehicle. The officer who had been riding shotty was up and walking around in a daze with two older ladies on each side of him. The sheriff himself had become a piece of the framework. His entire body looked mangled, it was almost like it wasn’t real. I thought I was looking at a dead person, he wasn’t moving at all. The inmate in the back was either knocked out or playing dead I didn’t know. He looked unharmed.

Once the police arrived they pretty much took over, and there I was sitting on the ground with this kid’s blood all over my blanket I had kept in my trunk from bonfires my friends and I had had weeks before. My hands were stained with oil and transmission fluid, at least that’s what I think it was.

I was interviewed by two officers, both of them looked as if they were going to cry. I didn’t cry until I was in my car driving away with a piece of paper in my hand with a few numbers I was to call the next day. I was going to have to testify against this 16 year old boy who had just killed a sheriff and injured two others. I was devastated. Still am.

This has been driving me nuts, this whole thing. I want to know if the sheriff passed away, etc. Is the brother ok? AHH! I got a call a few days ago from some court lady telling me that the boy had pleaded guilty and that I wouldn’t be needed in court. Pleaded guilty to what? Being young and dumb, driving recklessly? I hope his sentencing isn’t too severe.. that poor thing. The poor family of that sheriff, omg. I’m just a wreck! No pun intended 🙁

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