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oh dear god


By jade / 10 years ago / In: General ,



dunno where to start now soooo much been going on since my last blog! the trip to toronto i will start with that, it was amazing accept YES YES we all know that jade is natorious for bad luck, im the cartoon charactor that has the dark clowd fallowing wherever i go! SO first night my wallet got stolen at the club! SO i flipped cried a bit and was starting to get really worried after all i had an eticket that means i needed my drivers lisense to get home u know, luckily my birthcertificate was still at the hotel, so first off i didnt starve cuz of peeps like cam guy chris, zena,steven, and this really greaty guy arron from all of them bought me things, food, gum ect i was soooo taken care of those peeps had such big hearts and SUCH a big thankyou, i thought it would be sooo awkward i mean no CC no cash, all gone, so im thinkin OMG im going to have to be asking for things and feel like a bum all weekend but NO, everyone took heart and was like poor jade anything thing u need its all good yada yada soooo all i needed to do to get home was file a police report and have my birth certificate at the airport, so then i had fun did shoots, got drunk the whole nine yards! and arron from weakgame took me to file the report, i got to know him some what a cool great guy he was much fun to talk to and hang out with!  SO theres a start will save some for later 🙂

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