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So Much to Say!


By admin / 10 years ago / In: General ,



My brain is full of so many things to post here.  It’s nuts.  I hope I can remember to include everything I have in my brain.

First and foremost, THANK YOU everyone for making this such a fucking incredible year for us.  While technically we did “start” CWH in December 2004 it was only a forum and not much more.  It was on August 1, 2005 that we fully launched our entire site.  I never fucking thought in a million years that we would progress this rapidly.  It’s been so nuts. 

I have to extend our biggest gratitude to the WeakGame mofos.  Not only are they the sweetest lil man bitches around, but they directly contributed to thrusting us into the spotlight.  They went from jacking my promo video to becoming our best buddies.  Plus, a few weeks ago they hosted several of our models (guys and gals) in Toronto for some insane fun and antics.  We love you guys and always will.

There are sooo many sites I want to mention as well.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I know I’ll end up forgetting someone too, dammit 🙁

I set a goal for myself early on when we first got CamWithHer going.  Within six months I had achieved that goal…hell, I far exceeded it.  I’m really quite pleased to say that of all my online projects, CamWithHer has made me most proud. 

I really want to send an enormous THANK YOU to the camgirls, past and present, who all contributed to our success.  They were patient with us and have dealt awesomely with the growing demands of our e-fame.  They have busted their asses very very hard and gone from making just a few hundred bucks a month to making thousands for themselves each month.  I hope to see their paychecks continue to grow because they really have earned it.  Some of you may think that these gals do nothing but site in front of their cams taking money, but there is really soooooo much more work involved than you know.  They’re busting their asses preparing content for you, advertising themselves on other forums/sites, putting together videos for webmasters, doing lots and lots of paperwork, setting up shoots, traveling, and so much more.  I appreciate all of their hard work and efforts.

The biggest thanks goes to all of our fans…this includes those who have spent money and those who have not.  Your support of CamWithHer has been tremendous in so many ways and for that we love you all and we hope to continue to provide you with a website that you enjoy!

Don’t forget…we have the brand new CamWithHer site launching in just days!!!!  With the new site comes MANY new features, for both free users and paying members.  As a teaser, you will get a sneak peek in our forums tomorrow!!!

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