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By Kyra / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Well I am not sure how much I can post about the trip that hasn’t already been covered by Tammy, she was with me the entire time except for when she was making her porno…hehe I wasn’t there to witness that unfortunately :(.  It was an incredible trip though and I’m still recovering, Wednesday night at Lot 332 I was the drunkest I have ever been in my entire life thanks to the guys from Weakgame and Mystery entertainment trying to show us a good time… haha I actually think they just wanted to get funny pictures of us for blackmail… 😉  Abbie got the real blackmail material though because what we didn’t realize is that we left a cam and mic running in the hotel when we got back from the club…. :O lets just say I will do whatever Abbie wants me to now ;). I was pretty hungover on Thursday but I still woke up all the girls around 10 to go shopping ( they were pissed at me hehe )  

So Thursday I took the girls shopping at the Eaton Centre, I was so excited cause I hadn’t been there in about 3 years, I bought so much while I was there, including GODIVA chocolate….mmmmm that was so good.  I bought a bunch of new bras and panties at La Senza and a blue dress at Le Chateau that Mia also bought but in black, I didn’t wear it on the trip because it just looked so damn good on her that I didn’t feel upto Par :(…. I also bought a Roots Hoody, a shirt and some Lingerie.  When we left the Eatons Centre we headed straight towards a sex shop and ran right into Nyli and Matty :).  Nyli is so cute and SO SO tiny, I had no idea I thought she was my size but she is the smallest little thing… she is so sweet too… awww I love her.  The people in the sex store must have thought we were crazy cause we kept playing with toys and than we tied up Matty hehe… I tried to get Tammy to buy some toys but she didn’t :(… I also wanted to buy her a collar and leash that said “slave ” … hehe I thought it would be cute 😉 … back at the hotel later that day we played Twister in our Lingerie on video….hehe Victoria with her naughty mind quickly turned it into fondle eachother Twister though ” Left hand Mias boob ” ” right hand Kyra’s panties ”  hehe that should be a fun video to watch.  That night we went back to Lot 332 which was alot of fun… fond memories of that night include showing off oral skills on Mia’s bottle of fun… that girl is so much fun and I love her to death.  THat night it seems we waited outside for a long time for a cab and Tammy and Olivia and a future porn star went back without me… when I got up to the room it was craziness…. even too much for me and I had to leave…hehe .  The next morning when I woke up the girls ( this was a common occurance on the trip cause they wanted to sleep in… pfft… who wants to sleep in ? )  Tammy jumped out of bed naked yelling ” where is my camera” and she immediately deleted the evidence of the night before… hehe I so wanted to watch it too… 🙁   The other participants of the amatuer porn will remain nameless ;)…. hehe…. Friday we did a bunch of photoshoots at Republik and Lot 332, it was alot of fun being in our lingerie and posing with all the girls… Friday we went to Republik and it was alot of fun til Olivia got really ill all over everyone… I honestly think she had something slipped into her drink cause she went from normal and ok to completely out of it… she kept calling everyone Matt… haha… Poor girl and shockingly when I woke the girls up the next morning she was fine… I said ” how are you this morning ” she said ” fine why ”  I said ” do you remember last night ” she said ” no , do I want to? ”  I said ” probably not but wanna hear anyways haha ”  than I showed her a video I made of her hehe… I’m such a good friend making videos of her totally out of it so she can recall what happened 😉 …. Saturday we went down to the Docks and Next Level for videos and pictures and we made quite a scene with all the boats in the lake hollaring at the hot girls in skimpy clothing :)…  Saturday night I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed in with Olivia but thats ok because I needed some rest for the long drive on Sunday… Tammy woke me up around 3 and kicked me out of bed for reasons I will not mention ;)… I hope next time she just lets me join… selfish girl ;)…  Sunday we woke up early and left the hotel at 11… I don’t need to recap the drive and what happened with Mia cause i”m sure  you already know… I”m just SO happy that we decided to go that way I would have felt SO bad for her if she had been alone :(… after I dropped off Olivia and Tammy I still had a 2 hour drive home and man it went really quickly but to be honest I don;t’ remember much of it… probably cause I was so tired… It was so much fun though and I can’t wait to see all the girls again… I think Tammy, Olivia, Mia and myself really bonded and I miss them already… I can’t wait to get together again…. awwwww I have so many new friends 🙂

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