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My First Blog :D


By Violet / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Hey everyone! This is the first time I’ve been able to write a blog. Yay! I like to talk way too much, so this might be a bad thing.

So I wrote a bunch of stuff about myself in my profile. Hobbies and such. So I won’t really get into that.

I’ve been camming here for less than a month. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying it. It kind of suprises me, because I was quite nervous at first. I have no idea why. I perform in burlesque shows, and I’m completely comfortable being in pasties and panties on stage. 😛 I guess it’s just new to me. I’m loving chatting and meeting new people. Like I said, I love to converse. So this is hardly work for me!

Today is the birthday of two of my friends. One is turning 30, and the other is turning 18. It’s a big turning point of life for both of them. I’m taking the 18 y.o. out to a bar I really love, where the 30 y.o. is having a huge bash. There’s going to be burlesque dancers, live bands, and punk rock karioke. LOL! Karioke is so funny! I don’t usually participate, but I love to watch. There’s going to be a lot of cool people I know there. My friend, (who is also the choreographer for our burlesque group) is going to perform. She told me she has an act put together where she is going to morph from and old man, to a sexy scantily clad lady.   Hmmmmmm. . .sounds interesting. And hot!!

I’m going to stop blabbering on now. Once I start writing, it’s hard to stop!


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