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my 4th


By jade / 10 years ago / In: General ,



hey hope u all had a great 4th, i took my kids to watch fireworks and had a bbq was pretty good actually went to bed a lil early was still kinda sick, hmmm over the weekend went to the mall took the kids to the arcade, and went to the beach! it was all good n fun although i was dragging most of it, i cut my foot on a big rock in the ocean i have this bad luck thing and am ALWAYS gettin hurt! nobody but me , guess im kinda clumbsy, thankgod most of that shows up more in real life than on the cam haha, ummm speaking of real life got my ticket to toronto, and cannot express how nervous i am about meeting the gals, im sure there all great, but ima big fat scaredy cat either way im goin one cuz i promised abs n two cuz i like the traveling part most of all, ive done it alot something exciting about being all alone on ur way someplace u have never been! WITHOUT the kids lol i think im running away :/ haha j/k but im an adventure freak and dont get enough of it being so busy so this should be neato! ok i will quit my gabbing now xoxoxoxo


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