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By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Hey boys and girls…..I just finished reading this really awesome book. I dont know how many of yall read for enjoyment, but HOT Damn this book had me hooked. I finished it in about one night.I just couldnt put it down! Im sure yall have heard of Dan Brown. Ya know, the da vinci code, Angels and Deamons? Those are freaking awesome books also, hes sooo amazing at capturing these odd ideas and making them so realistic. This one, DECEPTION POINT, is about NASA and the government. Wow. Is all I have to say. Ya know, If a writer can come up with ideas like these, for enjoyment in a book…what the hell are they really doing over there in the white house?

┬áNot to get too serious, I know this is just a camsite. But that book freaked me out. The secrets and ploys, shit that went down behind the scenes. NUTS I tell you. Can you imagine all the shit we have no idea about? What do you really think happened, that they had to cover it with the whoel BIRD FLU pandamic? Seriously? Who thought we were going to contract the fucking flu like that? What is technology for? There must have been something bigger that had to be kept hidden. So they decided to freak us the fuck out with a flu. My girlfriend Emily and I talk about this shit all the time. Back after 9-11 there was this dude I worked with , Anthony , who was a trip. He was all about government conspericies and shit. He sent me to this 9-11 site that said the president was behind the whole “terrorist attack” etc. Theres tons of sites like that, I know…but this one was interesting. It had videos and pictures, theories, etc. You could even buy special footage they had from the incident. I was skeptical of getting it, but ant and em convinced me to. And we all chiped in. So this tape arrives in the plain envelope and we watch it at my house one night. Scariest shit ever. The stuff they said about the white house, and the connections, and the video, really freaked us out. So we wanted to order more copies. Yall are going to think im nuts now. lol, I go back to the web site to order more. The next week, they still havent arrived, so I go to email them from the site. I go there, and the site has been taken down > replaced with a government logo and some error shit. Haha, great. Ya know, They sure found that shit fast. But what would they have to hide if it wasnt true? Hmmmmmmmm. I always have lots shit on my mind like this, its crazy. Next topic, the solar system.

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