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Trading them in for a new model.


By Femme / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I had my consultation yesterday for my breast augmentation. I’m really gonna do it! I am scared as hell for the surgery though. I pass out when I have to be pricked with a needle, let alone have boobs stuck in me… so hopefully they knock me out right away because I will defeintely pass out if I get too nervous haha.

One time after I had gotten a shot I passed out when I was walking out of the sanitary room to the lobby. The nurses all ran to pick me up. They helped me stand up… then i passed right out again. Once again they hepled me stand up… I passed out AGAIN! So they all picked me up and carried me to a bed and I finally came to. It was quite the ordeal. I lay down now for 5 minutes after i get a shot. Hehe.

So I am all set to go on the 17th of July at 9am. I am confident with the doctor and his helpers. the office is so posh and everyone is SUPER nice. I have to say though… it’s weird having a stranger draw on your boobs haha. I’ll keep ya up to date on my pre-op appointment… that’s when I will know for SURE what size I am getting. It depends on what the doc reccomends. He might not be able to fit a D implant in me. We will see!

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