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By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,





So can I tell yall how excited I was about my appt with my psychic on Wed? It all started about  a year and a half ago when my best Emily and I were working together at my old coffee shop. (which is where she still works, see previous post). We were screwing around one night, it was super slow and we were having a good time. Emily then tells me she feels like she might be pregnant. Her period was late, and she knows for sure she made a mistake the last time she had sex. So Im trying to get her to cheer up and shes freaking about about having a baby. She begins to ponder going down to rite aide to get a pregnancy test…which is a big deal for Emily.

            The night goes on and these two ladies come in. Not unusual looking, pretty much like our normal customers. Although one of the ladies hair was outta control. It looked like my hair before I discovered hair gel and Anyway,  they take forever to order their coffee. Em and I are standing there , as they look over the menu board like this is some ACT question. We start to get annoyed, well simply because we could be doing crossword puzzles and whipping each other with wet towels. Finally, they order osme extravagant drink and the one woman, V, starts talking to Emily. She says to em, “You’re a Gemini aren’t you? I can tell. Your scared about something right now, aren’t you? Hmmm…..fertility. I see fertility all around you. That’s odd. Your not pregnant are you?”

            At this point im over making their drinks and I look over with my jaw on the floor. Emily then is dumbfounded. She says, “ How the hell…..what the fuck  man?” I start cracking up and Im like,  “ Im sorry….your name?”  she replies, “V” and I say “ I don’t mean to be rude, but that was really weird. And I think your freaking the hell outta my girl here.”  So V starts to tell us that shes a psychic and how she just felt all these vibes from Emily and I. Then she goes into giving us both on the spot readings!  She was right on. The things she was saying about our families, and jobs, friends, etc. Was nuts. Needless to say, from that strange night and on…..we have been in contact with her. Getting a reading here and there.  (p.s the emdawg never got pregnant)

            So I bumped into her at the coffee shop last week when I was studying, and she mentioned something in passing about my love life that was really interesting.  Right on the spot I set up a date to go see her. LoL. Hey, what can I say?  I invited the emdawg to come and  share the hour with me, since I knew she couldn’t really afford to get it herself. And she had tons of questions about her recent engagement!

            To sum it all up, because I could type about this forever, my reading was the bomb! She told me I would marry a very wealthy Latino. Possibly I might meet him in FL. Haha, I was laughing so hard. I told her I would rather end up with a brother, but hey….if it’s a dark latino I cant complain now can I? She said im in my transition year, and that CWH is the bomb! Well, she didn’t say cwh, but she did say that my current source of income was a good place for me to be during this transition . I also don’t need to be in any relationships, and the place im living is the place for me. Whoo hooo. I was really happy leaving there.  The last thing I asked her was about my ex. We broke up last year due to time, and him finding out about a little white lie I told. Alright it was a huge mother fuckigng lie. Haha , She said he doesn’t anything to do with me…which was depressing. Lmao. Guess you always want what you cant have right?

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