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Bad Girl Mentor


By nyli / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Some mornings, not matter how bad you have been, it just happens. You wake up on the wrong side of brain and feel like shit. You have 2 choices: Go back to bed and suffer the evil mood all day or DANCE YOURSELF HAPPY! Turn on those silly tunes and forget about your morning routine. Slowing being to wiggle. Then dance around your room until you feel your butt start to jiggle. Keep dancing as long as it takes for you to put back that smile on your face and a boogie in your butt. It’s your bad girl power point that wil lkeep you charged throughout the day. Works every time. Here’s an example of what I do every morning..


Good Girl VS. Bad Girl

A good girl plays it safe. A bad girl plays by her own rules. A good girl sits and waits. A bad girl gets out and dates. A good girl keeps her guard up. A bad girl keeps the fun up. A good girl is bland and predictable. A bad girl is bold and irresistable. A good girl lives up to other people’s expectations while a bad girl lives up to her own expectations. A good girl hopes that a man will complete her. A bad girl knows a dirty little martini will complete her.


Bad Girl To-Do List

  • be fearless
  • be passionate
  • be a rebel
  • be an independent thinker
  • be satisfied
  • be yourself

Bad Girl To-Don’t List

  • be a wimp
  • be self-distructing
  • be a whiner
  • be a bitch (depends)
  • be a phony


Bad Girl Icons

Eve: She teaches us to honor your desires, appetite and challenge authority figures. Don’t be ashamed of your naked body.

Madonna: She teaches us to be shamelessly ambitious and work your ass off. Always exploit your talents and ignore your weaknesses.

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