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By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So Sunday it was my best friend , Emily’s, birthday. I decided I had to bring her up a cake because she was working her ass off all day, and what she really needed was a vanilla cake with sprinkles. So I stopped up at the store and got the cake, candles, and lighters (no, I dont own a lighter). I go to check out at the U-Scan and my favorite u scan employee Kwando is there. We chatted for a bit, then he mentioned that I should get something written on the cake. Duh! SO I scurry back to the bakery , while holding up the U scan line, to have them write something on the em-dawgs cake. Lone behold there is noone there. I contemplated going behind the counter and just doing something myself, but I didnt see that going over to well with¬†¬† the management. So I headed to isle 5 where I picked up some pink gel frosting and took it back to the U scan with me. Kwando thought this was an even better idea. I knew I couldnt write on her cake in the car, since it was scorching and my AC wasnt working….the only option was to open the cake right there at the U scan and go for it, since her store was in the same plaza and I was just going to walk over. So thats what Kwando and I did. I must say my art work was quite amazing, even kwando said, “Girl, you so good at dat. Wow girl, you should get job at bakery! ” (Kwando is like straight off the boat from africa) lol. So I finished this task, and then suck the candles in and lit them. Hes like, “what you doing girl! Not in here! you set fire! ” lmao, im like…dont worry kwando I got this under control! I just have to walk down to emilys work He goes, “Alright girl, but I want a cold frosty for lettin you burn dem candles in here!”. im like right, ill hook you up with something.

Then I proceded to walk the like 200 feet to her store, in the freaking heat. omg. The cake was like melting as I walked, balloons and presents in hand. It was so hott. I cant even describe. I had beads of sweat running down my face and my ass crack. It was nasty. Im focusing on the door to the store, and im like chanting to myself I cag get there, Mia, you can make it girl. I know it. And it just seems farther and farther away! While doing all this I had to walk slow,so that the candles didnt blow out on the cake.

I finally make it to the door and inside the extremely cold store. Now im about to go into shock from the temp. change. It s okay, all for the love of emily man. SO emily looks over from behind the counter to see me standing there sweating, almost frozen sweat at this point, standing holding her flaming cake with balloons. She starts cracking up, saying…”Please not here Mia ! Omg your nuts! ” So I started singing my very good rendition of Happy birthday. Some of yall have seen it in the FILECABI.NET video that I stared in. Although I didnt bring my dildo with me to her work. So I started singing and everyone in the store starts singing with me! It was a blast. Emily turned bright red and she was all lovin’ it. I know it. lol , It felt so good. I love doing good things for people. So she blew out her candles and made a wish. Then we shared the gigantic cake I bought with the fucked up pink gen writing with everyone in the store. Yipppeeeee! Part 2 of me and the psychic tomorrow

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